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  • J. Adrian Ruth

Embrace Your Inner Misfit

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

I love my misfits. All of my books, no matter what name I've written under, always starred the oddballs. I think all of us feel like we don't fit in at some time in our lives, sometimes for all of our lives. Now that I'm writing YA, I see my writing reflecting that belief even more. If there's ever a time when we struggle with who and what we are, it's those teen years.

In my first series, Heir to the Scion, I'm following a group of misfits as they grow into themselves. Each character is the child of a monster, but they don't always know what exactly they're going to become. I'm excited to see how each one goes through their Change. I can't wait to find out how each is going to turn out. I know what they all are, but not how they'll react to it yet. Honestly, sometimes when I'm writing I feel like I'm just on the ride with my readers. The characters make most of the decisions.

So from here on out, at least until I finish this series, my blogs will either be descriptions of the Creature's from the Scion universe or snippets from short stories that I'm writing to go along with it. After the Scion trilogy is finished, we'll have to see what's next. I always have another set of oddballs in my brain, begging for some screen time.

Until next time, be proud of whatever makes It's our oddities that make us who we are.

Rock on!

J. Adrian Ruth

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