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Heir to the Scion


I'm so excited to start the release of my YA writings. I've written adult fiction for years, under various names, but this series has been haunting me for years. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Join or Die cover.jpg
Join or Die


A group of outcasts, struggling to survive in a school filled with monsters.


An average kid, growing up in Las Vegas, Alex Ayers life skids off the rails when a dragon shifter comes for him. Alex is a Creature, monsters from myths and legends. And he’s in line to lead all the Creatures in the world, if he doesn’t get killed first.


Now forced to attend a school filled with every horror he’s ever imagined, Alex draws together a group of friends to become his own mini-army.


A depressed vampire facing an identity crisis.


A class gossip with white hair and a frosty outlook.


A werewolf who plays with magic.


A Valkyrie straining against her berserker’s rage.


Can Alex keep his friends safe, fight for his own life, and catch a killer, all while keeping his grades up? And what will his future hold, as he begins his change into a Creature he knows nothing about?

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